Stan Matsunaka for Congress  Stan Matsunaka for Congress

 A Message from Stan  

Are you better off now than you were two years ago? Have you received effective representation on employment, housing, agriculture, business development, and other issues affecting us here in the Fourth District? Or have you, like many of my neighbors, been dismayed by the amount of time our current Representative has spent on issues not directly affecting our district?

I have spent the last two years working hard to put my kids through college and pay my bills in an economy that has been difficult for many of us here in the Fourth District, even design services likecine film to dvd were hard to fund. . In the last few weeks, however, I have been asked by my friends and neighbors if I would consider running for Congress. Local businessmen, farmers, and community leaders have offered their support because they want a Congressman who can bring the same effective, moderate voice to Washington that I brought to the State Senate in Denver.

For those of you who do not know me, my great-grandparents settled in this district in the early 1900s. I grew up in this district, raising my family in this district, and working in this district. I had the privilege of serving as your State Senator for two terms and, in a show of bi-partisan support, I was selected by my Republican and Democratic colleagues to serve as President of the Colorado State Senate for two years.

While serving you in the State Senate, I worked across party lines to achieve substantial breakthroughs on , education, and tax relief. During the course of my career in public service, these successes led to formal endorsements by most of our local newspapers and dozens of our local organizations, including a "Republicans for Stan" group.

With the backing of my family, friends, and neighbors here in the Fourth District, I have decided to formally declare my candidacy to serve you as your Congressman. I'll work to ensure educational opportunity for every child, to provide accessible and affordable health care to every person, to expand the winner's circle for our families, and to promote the quality of life for all Coloradans, especially those of us in the rural parts of our state.Site design done by seo services manchester

If you share these goals, I encourage you to join my campaign. I'll be launching a full campaign website shortly, but in the meantime you can tell your friends and family, volunteer, and make a donation. Contact us at 2881 North Monroe Avenue, Loveland, Colorado 80538, (970) 663-0896, or, and we will keep you informed as we get the campaign up and running.

Thanks to all of you who have sent your words of support and encouragement. Working together, we will build a better future for everyone in Colorado's Fourth District.


 Stan Matsunaka


 Let's bring Colorado values to Washington
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Electable Stan
Polls show Stan already statistically even with the incumbent, and his campaign is just getting started.

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Email us at to find out how you can spread the word about Stan's campaign. You are the margin of victory in 2004!

Education First!
We need innovative tools, not just simplistic rules, to meet the needs of our schools.

Rural Health
Coloradans in both big cities and rural areas deserve access to top-quality health care. Stan has a plan.

Protecting Social Security
Social Security must offer steady and reliable support to our seniors.

Stan the Coach
Stan grew up in Colorado, and has traveled across the state as a sports coach for each of his three children.


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